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The Altlandenburger is ripened in the shadow of the mountains.

Type:  Semi-hard cheese  ·  Ingredients: Cow's milk, thermised, silage-free  ·  Shape: Round  ·  Weight: 4 kg  ·  Rind: Smear-ripened  ·  Holes: Occasional holes  ·  Flavour: Mature and tangy  ·  Fat content:  Full fat, min. 45 % F/DM  ·  Firmness, WFF: Semi-hard, 56 %  ·  Ripening: 5 months  ·  Shelf life: 2 months  ·  Suitable for: Sliced cheese, dessert cheese
ID: CH 5359

Cheese Dairy Preisig  8499 Sternenberg

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