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CHeese – The smile of the Alps

The Swiss Association of Soft and Semi-hard Cheese Producers (SGWH) brings together 20 cheese producers and around 300 cheese specialities. Together they demonstrate their passion for top quality products, designed to bring a smile to the face of cheese lovers everywhere.

CHeese, the marketing platform of the SGWH, provides a platform for the best Swiss speciality cheese makers. Their speciality cheeses, made from the milk of goats, sheep and cows, offer a wide variety of truly delicious flavours and texture.

CHeese invites a modern approach to the communication of speciality cheeses. The smile of the Alps comes from the wonderful fresh milk of Switzerland, the home of cheese, with its hidden villages, mountains, valleys, lakes and rich and varied landscapes. These diverse features are united in the SGWH through our members, who all produce small-scale or regional speciality cheeses. You will not find any mass production in our ranks.

CHeese also represents a commitment to nature. Working happily and in harmony with nature, we hope to conquer the world with our youthful, courageous and positive attitude. Since the SGWH was founded in 1917 we have pursued this aim by using a common marketing platform and ensuring top quality products in a bid to achieve increased sales. All our members naturally favour an innovative approach and use only the very best raw materials.

CHeese – “the smile of the Alps” – guides you through our cheese country. You can use this website to find out more about the work of our specialist cheese makers and learn how individual cheeses are produced. Discover the way our members respond to the demands of cheese connoisseurs with enthusiasm, expertise and a strong pioneering spirit. See how they translate their skills and passion for speciality cheeses into top quality products.

So relax, enjoy our homepage and immerse yourself in the land of Swiss cheese. We hope you enjoy your tour through our many cheese dairies.

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