Sélection Vaud

Our carefully selected products come from one of the most beautiful region of Switzerland. Surrounded by the Swiss Alps and bordered by Lake Geneva, the Canton of Vaud is a pearl in the heart of Europe, offering a magnificent scenery.

A pleasant climate, a sense of hospitality, unspoilt nature, little towns and villages contribute to an exceptional quality of life that is legendary throughout the world.

Between lakes, countryside and mountains, the canton of Vaud is a great wealth of biodiversity, a region with a rich natural heritage, lots of charming farms and enchanting landscapes. All “Sélection Vaud” products find their origin here, in verdant pastures, in spectacular vineyards and in golden cereals fields.

The Canton of Vaud has attracted for years now international celebrities to make their home here: Peter Ustinov, Barbara Hendricks, Phil Collins, David Bowie, Alain Prost and Michael Schumacher are just some of the famous people who now live in the canton of Vaud. Charles Chaplin, Ernest Hemingway, Vladimir Nabokov, Igor Stravinski and Audrey Hepburn had made the same choice before them.

Käserei Hungerbühler

A few years ago, in November 2009, I bought a small, commercial cheese-factory in Toggenburg and established an individual enterprise. In the beginning, we only processed cow’s milk into three different types of cheese. In time, we specialised in processing goat’s and sheep’s milk, as well.

So it came to be, that the number of various treats rose sharply. The range of cheeses was expanded by hard cheeses, cream cheeses and soft cheeses. Today, we produce over ten different delicacies and there is something for every gourmet.

Arnold Walker AG

Mountain cheese from the large Aletsch-glacier? What seems incompatible at first – cheese and glacier – is very much complementary in Bitsch in the Oberwallis: lush meadows with a strong flora thrive in the UNESCO World Heritage Jungfrau Aletsch, on which cows especially like to graze. Their milk then carries an unmistakable, spicy aroma, which Walker AG in Bitsch use for the production of their broad and high-quality range of Aletsch-cheeses. The Aletsch Grand Cru for example won gold at the Swiss Cheese Awards 2008.

Walker AG (since 1956) – run by the second generation, Alexander Walker – has managed in the past few years to combine the Valais’ frontier spirit with values that connect the region and its people: respect towards the endogenous and the forethought concerning the guests, customers and consumers.

In the biggest and most modern private Valais cheese-factory, the cheese masters passionately process daily the raw regional milk which is delivered daily. The tradition-bound cheese masters continuously create new specialities, for example our newest Bleu du Valais, a blue mold cheese – a novelty in Valais, which continues the tradition of innovation.

Around half of Walker AG’s 6 million liters of milk each year is used for Raclette cheese, the rest for mountain and house cheeses as well as specialities such as yoghurt. About 60 farming families from the Valais receive their basis of existence this way. Not only them: Over 100 employees appreciate the familiar, prosperous working climate of one of the biggest private employers of the region – and, in their free time, the proximity of the large Aletsch-glacer. They live and work where others go on holiday. Not least because of this, a Walker AG Aletsch cheese tastes like a piece of home.

Brülisauer Cheese AG

The Sepp Brülisauer cheese dairy is at home between the idyllic towns of Bremgarten and Mellingen in Künten.

Our philosophy is based on the desire to produce market-oriented cheese specialities with joy and passion in harmony with nature. The traditional and natural production of our cheeses is carried out with silage-free milk from the surrounding area and is cared for by hand with dedication until it is fully ripe.

Around half of the milk is processed in accordance with Bio Suisse guidelines.

All cheeses are cared for with dedication until they are fully ripe.

You can find out more about us on our homepage.

Sepp Brülisauer Käse AG
Sibylle und Sepp Brülisauer
Unterdorf 6, CH-5444 Künten
Telephone: +41 (0)56 496 33 61, Telefax: +41 (0)56 496 48 10


Seiler Cheese Dairy AG

Seiler Käserei AG is located in the heart of Switzerland. Since January 2019, the ultra-modern milk processing plant has been located at its new production site in Giswil, near its own cave cellar. The mild climate offers the best conditions for milk production. Cheese was first produced at the former site in Sarnen in 1972. Since its founding, Seiler Käserei AG has specialised in the production of melt-in-the-mouth raclette cheese and Obwaldner fry cheese. The excellent quality became the epitome of outstanding Raclettes. The production could be increased, and the company constantly adapted to the new circumstances. Today we process up to 80,000 kg of fresh milk with approximately 20 employees in our extremely efficient new cheese dairy.

Our products are defined by experience and tradition, paired with new findings from research and technology. It is our endeavour to maintain and optimise the good reputation and the well-known quality standard. We want to offer the consumer a culinary pleasure!

Show Dairy Kloster Engelberg AG

In 1120 the Zurich aristocrat Konrad von Sellenbüren came to Engelberg and donated the Benedictine monastery – the tradition of cheese production is almost as old in the Obwalden holiday resort as it is today. For a long time the trade with cattle and cheese was the biggest source of income for the valley and the monastery. What was already an important selling point back then, is still true today: the fresh mountain and alpine milk of the local cows is tastier than the milk from the valley, thanks to the altitude.

Like Konrad von Sellenbüren, Walter Grob, the current owner of the Engelberg cheese dairy, moved from Unterland to Engelberg. After years of hiking in Switzerland and Canada, the young man from eastern Swiss took over the business in 2015 at the age of 24. He produces traditional products in outstanding quality – but always tinkers with something new. Thanks to his innovative strength, he has already launched several new products, such as the Cheddar, and won prizes at the Swiss Cheese Award.

Schaukäserei Kloster Engelbert AG
Walter Grob
Klosterhof 1, CH-6390 Engelberg
Telefon: +41 (0)41 638 08 88, Telefax: +41 (0)41 638 08 87


Restaurant-Käserei Berghof

Pure organic production

The Restaurant-Käserei Berghof is located on a beautiful hillside between Ganterschwil and Oberhelfenschwil In the beautiful Toggenburg, St.Gallen. The farm Restaurant-Käserei Berghof includes an organic specialty cheese dairy for the production of culinary organic mountain cheese and other specialties as well as a panoramic restaurant, a cozy Deguschüür for any occasion and also for overnight stays, children’s playground,and a beautiful garden restaurant as well as a whey bath or milk and honey bath with a wonderful view over the Toggenburg. Ganterschwil is known for its beautiful recreational area. Our farm is located in the middle of the hiking paradise Toggenburg and offers space for groups and individual guests. In the organic specialties cheese dairy, various organic mountain farm cheeses are produced, full and 1/4 fat semi-hard cheeses, natural young to old or with ingredients such as pepper, alpine herbs, alpine chili…. they convince every connoisseur. This is still home – organic and ecological – when the cows graze in front of the window of the beautifully located restaurant Berghof. Under the same roof as the restaurant, the milk is then refined in the cheese dairy into organic Berghof cheese as well as other specialties, ripened packaged and made ready for them and others, or arrives on the plate via the kitchen. Since May 1, 2002, the Berghof in Ganterschwil SG has been producing organic Berghof cheese and other specialties from organic milk from local organic farmers in accordance with the BIO-SUISSE guidelines.

Come and take a look! We look forward to welcoming you to the Käserei Berghof Restaurant! The Berghof team
Melchior and Vreni Schoch

Dairy Davos

The Davos dairy was founded in 1905. The then “Controll Molkerei Davos” was organised as a public limited company and took over the supply of consumer milk to the Davos countryside. This activity is still one of the tasks of the dairy, but cheese is increasingly produced and the region is spoiled with spicy and natural mountain cheese.

In 2013, the dairy was rebuilt at the same location and now has state-of-the-art processing facilities, enabling it to produce milk products of the highest quality.

Around 70% of the milk produced in the Davos countryside is processed into fresh products and cheese in the dairy. The product range, which is marketed under the name “Davoser”, includes pastmilk, whipped cream, yoghurt, cream cheese, various types of cheese as well as sheep’s and goat’s cheese.

In 2018, the gold medal for the Davos mountain cheese and the ibex cheese was awarded to the Davos dairy by the World Cheese Award.

Dairy Davos
Martin Flüeler
Tobelmühlestrasse 6, 7270 CH-Davos
Telephone: +41 (0) 81 413 51 42, Telefax: +41 (0) 81 413 49 75


Laiterie-Fromagerie Hunkeler

Close to nature

Sommentier lies at an altitude of 900 metres above sea level in the Glâne district, some 7 km from Romont. This small farming settlement offers a romantic view across to the Moleson and the small town of Romont. The hills, which look out over the Jura Mountains and the foothills of the Alps, make a magical destination for walkers. In clear weather conditions it is possible to count 21 church spires. We have been running our cheese dairy since 1988. In 1995 we opened a small shop, in which we sell our speciality products. Every day we process 4,000 – 6,000 kg of silo-free milk to make AOP Gruyère, Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP and le Petit Glânois (also with wild garlic) as well as yoghurt, butter and Ziger. Our high quality milk is supplied by 10 local milk producers.

Käserei Stofel AG

Lush pastures and organic mountain farming

With its many Alpine meadows, the Toggenburg offers the perfect conditions for milk production. The precious milk of cows, goats and sheep is supplied by the organic mountain farmers from their farms that lie over 900 metres above sea level. In summer the animals graze on the lush Alpine pastures.
Since 1995 the Stofel cheese dairy has been processing fresh and untreated organic milk with no chemical or genetically modified additives of any kind. Constant monitoring guarantees the highest quality. The cheese is ripened for days, weeks and several months until it is ready to eat. There are many differences among the cheeses, according to the degree of ripeness and the different types of cheese made. The younger the cheese, the milder the flavour; only fully matured cheeses develop their full aroma. We sell our products in our own shop and export them around the world on a wholesale and retail basis.
The Stadelmann family has been running the Käserei Stofel in Unterwasser as a family business since 1983 and it is currently in the hands of the second generation; before long it will be the turn of the third generation of cheese makers. In Stofel, a great deal of love and passion goes into the cheese making process. Cheese maker Thomas is constantly trying out new specialities, experimenting with white or blue mould, red rind-washing, fine wood shavings or hay flowers. The resulting cheese creations bear the hallmark of top quality craftsmanship and traditional cheese expertise. No wonder, then, that the speciality cheeses produced by Käserei Stofel regularly win prizes!