Käserei Liechti Bergkäserei

The history of the Ricken mountain cheese dairy goes back at least as far as 1875, when it was first mentioned in a document. It is closely linked to the history of transportation in the region. The mountain cheese dairy is still based today at the top of the watershed, in the village of Ricken SG – on the Ricken Pass, which has always been an important link between Lake Constance/Toggenburg and Lake Zurich/Linthebene.

The Liechti Ricken mountain cheese dairy is currently run by the third and fourth generation.

Our raised bog
The unique plant and herb world of the Ricken high moor, which lies 800 meters above sea level, is the basis for the special high moor milk. It leads to a special milk fat composition, which in turn is responsible for the special, tangy taste of the cheese.

Molki Meiringen AG

Molki Meiringen – where the love of milk leads to unforgettable culinary moments.

Molki Meiringen, the source of high-quality specialties from the idyllic Haslital in the Bernese Oberland.
Our diverse range includes first-class dairy products such as yoghurt, quark and ice cream in a variety of flavors,
from pineapple to lemon.
The world of our cheeses, including Brie de Meiringen, Tomme de Meiringen and Meigeiss goat’s cheese, offers just the right thing for every taste.
just the right thing. Each creation is a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship and the pursuit of quality.
Michael Kuper and team

Fromagerie O’lait

Fromagerie O’lait Sàrl is:

5 mountain farmers located at Mont-Crosin who supply us with fresh, non-silage milk: a milk rich in the floral flavors of the Jura region.

a production facility close to the milk producers; artisanal processing takes place on the premises of the cheese dairy in Saint-Imier

two young cheesemakers, to delight the taste buds, transform this precious raw material into cheese

unique cheeses: each wheel has its own character

From udder… to cheese…

At every stage of processing, from milk production to cheese making and maturing, it’s important to us to work with the raw material while respecting its natural richness.

Emscha GmbH

Emscha – Our family business – Our philosophy:
Organic – Regional – Sustainable
Emscha GmbH was founded in 1999 by Heidi and Peter Hofstetter as a family-run farming business. Emscha stands for Entlebuch dairy sheep products. The primary goal was and is to produce 100% pure sheep’s milk products and to secure the existence of family farms with organic dairy sheep farming in the Entlebuch.
Emscha GmbH is run by the Hofstetter farming family and by now the second generation is already involved. This ensures the long-term preservation of values.
Today, Emscha GmbH processes over 320 tonnes of organic sheep’s milk from seven mountain farmers every year. With over 15 different specialities such as yoghurt, curd cheese and various types of cheese, Emscha GmbH offers the widest range of products made from 100% pure organic sheep’s milk.
Respectful treatment of nature and animals is important to us. Nature must be sustainably protected through closed nutrient cycles. That is why we do not use genetically modified products, chemical products or artificial flavourings and colourings. In agriculture, we deliberately use homeopathy instead of antibiotics. Emscha GmbH processes only organic bud sheep’s milk.
Emscha sheep’s milk products are made from fresh organic mountain milk. Great importance is attached to the shortest possible transport routes. For this reason, farmers from the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch are specifically supported and accompanied. The basic fruit ingredients for the fine Emscha yoghurts are all produced in-house. This way we can guarantee the regionality and quality of the products. We source the fruit from the region whenever possible. It goes without saying that we use Swiss sugar.
Emscha sheep’s milk products are produced in the first zero-energy cheese dairy in Switzerland. The heat energy comes from the thermal water collectors on the roof. Additional energy is supplied by a wood-fired furnace using wood from regional forests. Our cheese dairy has been CO2-neutral for over twenty years. The electrical energy is supplied by the photovoltaic system from the roof of the barn and the cheese dairy.

Eberle Spezialitäten AG

The craft – The love of detail – The passion.

Every era needs that – and the current one even more so. While everything has to be done quickly and mechanically, we at Eberle work carefully and thoughtfully. The awareness of quality and manual work is combined with the constant will to innovate. We turn semi-finished cheeses into creative and surprising specialities. Fruit and nut cheeses are our classics.

Cream cheese terrines, cheese chips and the traditional fondue mix are among the leaders. We cook Eisenhut latwergen and jams according to time-honoured recipes, so they still taste like homemade. Every day, our team uses all its craftsmanship and love of its profession to provide culinary delights for customers at home and abroad.

Käsekult AG

A few years ago, in November 2009, I bought a small, commercial cheese-factory in Toggenburg and established an individual enterprise. In the beginning, we only processed cow’s milk into three different types of cheese. In time, we specialised in processing goat’s and sheep’s milk, as well.

So it came to be, that the number of various treats rose sharply. The range of cheeses was expanded by hard cheeses, cream cheeses and soft cheeses. Today, we produce over ten different delicacies and there is something for every gourmet.

Arnold Walker AG

Mountain cheese from the Great Aletsch Glacier? What at first glance hardly seems to go together – cheese and glacier – complement each other very well in Bitsch in the Upper Valais: In the Jungfrau Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site, lush alpine meadows thrive with vigorous flora, on which the cows particularly enjoy grazing. Their milk then also carries an unmistakable, spicy aroma, which the Walker mountain cheese dairy in Bitsch uses to produce its broad and high-quality Aletsch cheeses. Our Mountain Guide 1865 earned gold at the 2021 Swiss Regional Products Competition.
Managed by Alexander Walker in the second generation and Nicolas Walker in the third generation, Arnold Walker AG (since 1996) has managed in recent years to combine Valais pioneering spirit with values that unite the region and its people: Respect for what exists and thinking ahead in terms of guests, customers and consumers.
In the largest and most modern private cheese dairy in the Valais, the master cheesemakers put a lot of effort into the raw milk that is delivered fresh daily from the region. The master cheesemakers, who are committed to tradition, are constantly creating new specialties. The most recent example is a Valais cream cheese and the Aletsch Larch Gold, two novelties in Valais that continue the tradition of innovation.
The Walker Mountain Dairy processes about half of its annual 6 million liters of milk into raclette cheese, and the rest into mountain and home cheeses as well as specialties such as yogurt. This provides a livelihood for around 60 farming families from the Valais. And not only them: More than 100 employees appreciate the family-like, prosperous working atmosphere at one of the region’s largest private employers – and in their free time, the proximity to the Great Aletsch Glacier. They live and work where others treat themselves to a vacation. This is one of the reasons why an Aletsch cheese from Walker Bergkäserei tastes like a piece of home.

Brülisauer Käse AG

Brülisauer Käse AG is located between the idyllic Reuss towns of Bremgarten and Mellingen in Künten.
Our philosophy is based on the desire to produce market-oriented cheese specialities in harmony with nature, with joy and passion. The traditional and natural production of our cheeses is made with silo-free milk from the surrounding area and are cultivated by hand with dedication until they are fully ripe.
Around half of the milk is processed in accordance with the BIO SUISSE guidelines.

“All cheeses are cared for by us with dedication until they are fully ripe”.

Seiler Cheese Dairy AG

Seiler Käserei AG is located in the heart of Switzerland. Since January 2019, the ultra-modern milk processing plant has been located at its new production site in Giswil, near its own cave cellar. The mild climate offers the best conditions for milk production. Cheese was first produced at the former site in Sarnen in 1972. Since its founding, Seiler Käserei AG has specialised in the production of melt-in-the-mouth raclette cheese and Obwaldner fry cheese. The excellent quality became the epitome of outstanding Raclettes. The production could be increased, and the company constantly adapted to the new circumstances. Today we process up to 80,000 kg of fresh milk with approximately 20 employees in our extremely efficient new cheese dairy.

Our products are defined by experience and tradition, paired with new findings from research and technology. It is our endeavour to maintain and optimise the good reputation and the well-known quality standard. We want to offer the consumer a culinary pleasure!

Restaurant-Käserei Berghof

Pure organic production

The Restaurant-Käserei Berghof is located on a beautiful hillside between Ganterschwil and Oberhelfenschwil In the beautiful Toggenburg, St.Gallen. The farm Restaurant-Käserei Berghof includes an organic specialty cheese dairy for the production of culinary organic mountain cheese and other specialties as well as a panoramic restaurant, a cozy Deguschüür for any occasion and also for overnight stays, children’s playground,and a beautiful garden restaurant as well as a whey bath or milk and honey bath with a wonderful view over the Toggenburg. Ganterschwil is known for its beautiful recreational area. Our farm is located in the middle of the hiking paradise Toggenburg and offers space for groups and individual guests. In the organic specialties cheese dairy, various organic mountain farm cheeses are produced, full and 1/4 fat semi-hard cheeses, natural young to old or with ingredients such as pepper, alpine herbs, alpine chili…. they convince every connoisseur. This is still home – organic and ecological – when the cows graze in front of the window of the beautifully located restaurant Berghof. Under the same roof as the restaurant, the milk is then refined in the cheese dairy into organic Berghof cheese as well as other specialties, ripened packaged and made ready for them and others, or arrives on the plate via the kitchen. Since May 1, 2002, the Berghof in Ganterschwil SG has been producing organic Berghof cheese and other specialties from organic milk from local organic farmers in accordance with the BIO-SUISSE guidelines.

Come and take a look! We look forward to welcoming you to the Käserei Berghof Restaurant! The Berghof team
Melchior and Vreni Schoch