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Mountain cheese from the large Aletsch-glacier? What seems incompatible at first – cheese and glacier – is very much complementary in Bitsch in the Oberwallis: lush meadows with a strong flora thrive in the UNESCO World Heritage Jungfrau Aletsch, on which cows especially like to graze. Their milk then carries an unmistakable, spicy aroma, which Walker AG in Bitsch use for the production of their broad and high-quality range of Aletsch-cheeses. The Aletsch Grand Cru for example won gold at the Swiss Cheese Awards 2008.

Walker AG (since 1956) – run by the second generation, Alexander Walker – has managed in the past few years to combine the Valais’ frontier spirit with values that connect the region and its people: respect towards the endogenous and the forethought concerning the guests, customers and consumers.

In the biggest and most modern private Valais cheese-factory, the cheese masters passionately process daily the raw regional milk which is delivered daily. The tradition-bound cheese masters continuously create new specialities, for example our newest Bleu du Valais, a blue mold cheese – a novelty in Valais, which continues the tradition of innovation.

Around half of Walker AG’s 6 million liters of milk each year is used for Raclette cheese, the rest for mountain and house cheeses as well as specialities such as yoghurt. About 60 farming families from the Valais receive their basis of existence this way. Not only them: Over 100 employees appreciate the familiar, prosperous working climate of one of the biggest private employers of the region – and, in their free time, the proximity of the large Aletsch-glacer. They live and work where others go on holiday. Not least because of this, a Walker AG Aletsch cheese tastes like a piece of home.

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