bonCas AG

The feeling for the milk, the nose for the cheese, constant searching for the soul of things and then: an insane pleasure in a perfect refinement. Ueli Moser, Maître Fromager.
Since 1999, Ueli Moser has been creating his soft cheese specialties in the Dotzigen soft cheese dairy. After 24 years, bonCas moves to its new building in Bettlach in 2023. Even in the modern new cheese dairy, the crucial steps are carried out by hand – only with “Gspüri” and love of the craft does a cheese become an unmistakable delicacy.
In the meantime, the second generation is also working in the bonCas team. They bring with them what all employees bring with them: The enthusiasm, the nose and the expertise to maintain and further expand a range of currently twenty Swiss soft cheese specialties – at the highest level.

Ueli Moser
Lyssstrasse 12, CH-3293 Dotzigen
Telefon: +41 (0)32 351 12 13