Eberle Spezialitäten AG

The craft – The love of detail – The passion.

Every era needs that – and the current one even more so. While everything has to be done quickly and mechanically, we at Eberle work carefully and thoughtfully. The awareness of quality and manual work is combined with the constant will to innovate. We turn semi-finished cheeses into creative and surprising specialities. Fruit and nut cheeses are our classics.

Cream cheese terrines, cheese chips and the traditional fondue mix are among the leaders. We cook Eisenhut latwergen and jams according to time-honoured recipes, so they still taste like homemade. Every day, our team uses all its craftsmanship and love of its profession to provide culinary delights for customers at home and abroad.

Eberle Spezialitäten AG
Kühlhausstrasse 10,  CH-9200 Gossau
Phone: +41 (0)71 793 37 33