Fromagerie O’lait

Fromagerie O’lait Sàrl is:

5 mountain farmers located at Mont-Crosin who supply us with fresh, non-silage milk: a milk rich in the floral flavors of the Jura region.

a production facility close to the milk producers; artisanal processing takes place on the premises of the cheese dairy in Saint-Imier

two young cheesemakers, to delight the taste buds, transform this precious raw material into cheese

unique cheeses: each wheel has its own character

From udder… to cheese…

At every stage of processing, from milk production to cheese making and maturing, it’s important to us to work with the raw material while respecting its natural richness.

O’lait GmbH
Rue du Vallon 35,  CH-2610 St-Imier
Phone: +41 (0)79 627 11 19 (Agnès)