Käserei Liechti Bergkäserei

The history of the Ricken mountain cheese dairy goes back at least as far as 1875, when it was first mentioned in a document. It is closely linked to the history of transportation in the region. The mountain cheese dairy is still based today at the top of the watershed, in the village of Ricken SG – on the Ricken Pass, which has always been an important link between Lake Constance/Toggenburg and Lake Zurich/Linthebene.

The Liechti Ricken mountain cheese dairy is currently run by the third and fourth generation.

Our raised bog
The unique plant and herb world of the Ricken high moor, which lies 800 meters above sea level, is the basis for the special high moor milk. It leads to a special milk fat composition, which in turn is responsible for the special, tangy taste of the cheese.

Käserei Liechti
Waldestrasse 3, CH-8726 Ricken SG
Phone: +41 (0)55 284 51 11