Käserei Stofel AG

Lush pastures and organic mountain farming

With its many Alpine meadows, the Toggenburg offers the perfect conditions for milk production. The precious milk of cows, goats and sheep is supplied by the organic mountain farmers from their farms that lie over 900 metres above sea level. In summer the animals graze on the lush Alpine pastures.
Since 1995 the Stofel cheese dairy has been processing fresh and untreated organic milk with no chemical or genetically modified additives of any kind. Constant monitoring guarantees the highest quality. The cheese is ripened for days, weeks and several months until it is ready to eat. There are many differences among the cheeses, according to the degree of ripeness and the different types of cheese made. The younger the cheese, the milder the flavour; only fully matured cheeses develop their full aroma. We sell our products in our own shop and export them around the world on a wholesale and retail basis.
The Stadelmann family has been running the Käserei Stofel in Unterwasser as a family business since 1983 and it is currently in the hands of the second generation; before long it will be the turn of the third generation of cheese makers. In Stofel, a great deal of love and passion goes into the cheese making process. Cheese maker Thomas is constantly trying out new specialities, experimenting with white or blue mould, red rind-washing, fine wood shavings or hay flowers. The resulting cheese creations bear the hallmark of top quality craftsmanship and traditional cheese expertise. No wonder, then, that the speciality cheeses produced by Käserei Stofel regularly win prizes!

Thomas & Marianne Stadelmann
Hauptstrasse, CH-9657 Unterwasser
Telefon: +41 (0)71 999 11 40, Telefax: +41 (0)71 999 35 68