Restaurant-Käserei Berghof

Pure organic production

The Restaurant-Käserei Berghof is located on a beautiful hillside between Ganterschwil and Oberhelfenschwil In the beautiful Toggenburg, St.Gallen. The farm Restaurant-Käserei Berghof includes an organic specialty cheese dairy for the production of culinary organic mountain cheese and other specialties as well as a panoramic restaurant, a cozy Deguschüür for any occasion and also for overnight stays, children’s playground,and a beautiful garden restaurant as well as a whey bath or milk and honey bath with a wonderful view over the Toggenburg. Ganterschwil is known for its beautiful recreational area. Our farm is located in the middle of the hiking paradise Toggenburg and offers space for groups and individual guests. In the organic specialties cheese dairy, various organic mountain farm cheeses are produced, full and 1/4 fat semi-hard cheeses, natural young to old or with ingredients such as pepper, alpine herbs, alpine chili…. they convince every connoisseur. This is still home – organic and ecological – when the cows graze in front of the window of the beautifully located restaurant Berghof. Under the same roof as the restaurant, the milk is then refined in the cheese dairy into organic Berghof cheese as well as other specialties, ripened packaged and made ready for them and others, or arrives on the plate via the kitchen. Since May 1, 2002, the Berghof in Ganterschwil SG has been producing organic Berghof cheese and other specialties from organic milk from local organic farmers in accordance with the BIO-SUISSE guidelines.

Come and take a look! We look forward to welcoming you to the Käserei Berghof Restaurant! The Berghof team
Melchior and Vreni Schoch

Melchior and Vreni Schoch
Aewil, CH-9608 Ganterschwil
Telefon: +41 (0)71 983 15 72, Telefax: +41 (0)71 983 35 45