Restaurant-Käserei Berghof

Pure organic production

The Käserei Berghof Restaurant boasts a beautiful hillside location between Ganterschwil and Oberhelfenschwil. The views out to the Toggenburg valley floor are simply unique. Ganterschwil is bordered from three sides by the Thur and Necker rivers; only from the south can the community be reached directly and without crossing any bridges. Ganterschwil is well known for its beautiful recreational area. Our business lies in the heart of the Toggenburg walkers’ paradise and both our panoramic restaurant and the open-air cafe with its wide views down into the Thurthal valley are ideal destinations for groups and individual guests alike.
The sense of the homeland – biological and ecological – is reinforced even further when the cows are grazing on the pastures outside the windows of the beautifully situated Berghof Restaurant. Under the same roof as the restaurant, the milk from these animals is processed to produce organic Bio-Berghof-Käse and other cheese specialities.
Since 1st May 2002 Bio-Berghof-Käse and other specialities have been produced at Berghof in Ganterschwil SG in full compliance with the Bio Suisse guidelines. Approx. 780,000 kg of organic milk from local organic farmers is processed here each year! We have recently built a homely “Deguschüür” eatery, ideal for any occasion!

Come and take a look! We look forward to welcoming you to the Käserei Berghof Restaurant! The Berghof team
Melchior and Vreni Schoch

Melchior and Vreni Schoch
Aewil, CH-9608 Ganterschwil
Telefon: +41 (0)71 983 15 72, Telefax: +41 (0)71 983 35 45