Organic Berghof Tomato Basil Cheese

Organic Berghof cheese with tomatoes and basil is made in the Berghof cheese dairy with organic milk from the region, according to BIO SUISSE guidelines. It is refined with dried tomatoes and basil. It is characterized by its fresh taste with an Italian touch. Dried tomatoes and basil are mixed into the cheese before it matures in the cellar for 2 – 5 months. Organic Berghof cheese with tomatoes and basil is made with the finest organic milk from healthy cows that graze close to the Berghof. Quite simple: This full-fat, semi-hard cheese with tomatoes and basil convinces every connoisseur.

Bleu du Valais

Every blue mold cheese made from Valais mountain milk is a piece of art, since the mold cultures grow alongside air ducts which are applied in the beginning with fine needles. The growth’s speed is varied, and thus the ripening is monitored carefully. Typically, it goes well with a Valais red wine such as Pinot Noir or Syrah. Virtually fulminantly, it espouses with a ripened Valais sweet wine. This is how wholehearted the Valais homeland tastes.

Sheep’s Brie

The Sheep’s Brie is a soft white mould cheese made from 100% silo-free sheep’s milk, lactic acid bacteria, rennet and spores of a noble mould. Its soft and supple consistency gives the palate a very creamy and pleasant feeling.

Goat’s Brie

Goat Brie made from 100% silo free goat milk, lactic acid bacteria rennet and spores of a noble mould. It has a rather soft consistency with a very pleasant mild goat aroma.

Goat’s Raclette

For the production of the delicious goat raclette we use natural goat milk, which comes from goats of different breeds. This way this raclette is given its unique aroma and therefore is something for gourmets.
Until the cheese is ready to be enjoyed, it is salted and cared for by hand in our cellars.
Due to the slightly different composition of the milk compared to cow’s milk, the goat raclette is easier to digest and healthier!


Triangular a with wax coat, the cheese immediately stands out. Engelberg as a valley basin is characterized by the surrounding mountains – so it makes sense to produce cheese in the form of a mountain peak. The flavor of the mild cheese is dominated by the spice, depending on the flavor (wild garlic, chili, garlic, wild herbs).


A beautiful souvenir or simply a gift to yourself: The mild aromatic soft cream cheese with noble white mould crust is supposed to bring luck. This Brie is actually the result of lucky coincidences while experimenting on another cheese!