Hochmoor Chäs Raclette mit Stockbergspeck

The Hochmoor Raclette with Stockberg bacon was developed in collaboration with the Toggenburg butcher’s shop Metzger from Nesslau SG. Delicious Stockberg bacon is added to our Hochmoor Raclette during production and then matured for three months. The result makes gourmet hearts beat faster. The result is a spicy raclette cheese with a bacon flavor. A real treat on your raclette pan.

Hochmoor Chäs Raclette classic

Discover the ultimate indulgent experience with our Hochmoor Raclette made with the finest raw milk! Made with the utmost care and passion, we proudly present a cheese that captures the essence of natural flavors. Each melted layer reveals the unadulterated richness of raw milk, refined by masterful craftsmanship. Our raclette guarantees a melt-in-the-mouth feast for the senses, perfect for convivial evenings or special occasions. A real treat for cheese lovers in search of authenticity.

Hochmoor Chäs halbhart, Vollwürzig. Delikat

Experience the unique fusion of intense spiciness and delicate creaminess with our Hochmoor Chäs, Vollwürzig. Delikat. This masterpiece combines the aromatic richness of a full-bodied cheese with the gentle seduction of a cream cheese. Made from selected milk and refined with an exquisite blend of spices and herbs from the high moor, our cheese offers a taste experience that appeals to all the senses. Each slice reveals a harmonious balance between strong flavors and a delicate creaminess that melts in the mouth. Whether as the star of your cheese platter or as a versatile ingredient in sophisticated recipes – our Hochmoor Chäs, Vollwürzig. Delikat adds a touch of luxury to any culinary creation.

Hochmoor Chäs halbhart, Kräftig-würzig

Discover the powerful sophistication of our Hochmoor Chäs, kräftig-würzig, refined with a unique red wine care. This cheese combines the intense flavors of the high moor with the subtle elegance of a red wine. Carefully selected cheeses are lovingly blended with exquisite red wines during the maturing process to create an exceptional taste. The result is a harmonious interplay of strong spiciness and the seductive sweetness of the red wine. Each bite offers a fascinating combination of flavor nuances that will tantalize your senses. Whether as a luxurious complement to a glass of wine or as a highlight on your cheese platter, our Hochmoor Chäs, kräftig-würzig with red wine care promises an incomparable culinary experience that captures the essence of tradition and innovation.

Hochmoor Chäs, Würzig. Reif

Welcome to a flavorful adventure with our Hochmoor Chäs, Würzig. Reif. This cheese takes you into the incomparable world of the high moor and its intense aromas, which are intensified by careful maturing. Made from the finest milk and refined by an extended maturing period, our cheese offers a taste experience of exceptional flavor and character. Each slice tells the story of Highmoor with every bite, releasing a rich array of flavors. Whether as a statement on your cheese platter or as an uplifting element in sophisticated dishes, our Hochmoor Chäs, Würzig. Reif adds an unmistakable note to every moment of indulgence. Experience the intensity and unmistakable taste of this cheese, which captures the essence of the Hochmoor in an inimitable way.

Hochmoor Chäs halbhart, Würzig. Jung

Immerse yourself in an exciting world of taste with our Hochmoor Chäs, Spicy. Young. This cheese combines the natural spiciness of the upland moor with the freshness of a young cheese. Made from carefully selected milk and refined with the unique flavors of the high moor region, our cheese offers a harmonious combination of mild spiciness and delicate texture. Each slice reveals an exciting journey of flavors inspired by the earth of the high moor. Whether as a delicious snack, on a rustic bread or as an invigorating addition to your favorite recipes, our Hochmoor Chäs, würzig.jung adds a distinctive touch to any meal. Experience the authenticity and character of this cheese and be inspired by its unique combination of tradition and innovation.

Le Galait

Galait is our first O’Lait creation!

The shape of this small cheese (160g), reminiscent of a pebble, helped give it its name. Ripened in a humid cellar for 2 weeks, Galait is turned and brushed daily until it has a slightly brownish rind. Galait is characterized not only by its shape, but also by its creamy texture and fresh milk flavors. A real fondant…O’lait.

Moser Bio Buure Weichkäsli mit Schweizer Alpenkräutern

These three cheese stars have a lot going for them: organic herbs with mustard and zing. And they show what they’re made of in the oven or on the grill: aromatic, fruity soft cheese that melts with delight. Served warm, with fresh salad and crusty bread – that’s summer. And spring and autumn and winter. This is life.


Every piece of cheese from the Swiss cheese confectionery Eberle is unique. Made by hand and refined with much love. That’s why this creation is also called Unico:
First-class matured Swiss semi-hard cheese is refined in layers with chilli, basil, coffee or truffle. The pleasure is perfect, the invention patented.

Frischkäse-Terrine 110g

The fine tureens from the house of Eberle impress both with their excellent taste and their presentation on every cheese platter. The variety of types offers a wide range of options. “Everything your heart desires” is no empty promise with these countless, creative and almost heavenly flavours. From sweet and fruity to spicy and strong, everything is there. There are almost no limits to the ingredients, such as chopped nuts, fresh herbs, tender asparagus or delicate salmon.