Hochmoor Chäs Raclette classic

Discover the ultimate indulgent experience with our Hochmoor Raclette made with the finest raw milk! Made with the utmost care and passion, we proudly present a cheese that captures the essence of natural flavors. Each melted layer reveals the unadulterated richness of raw milk, refined by masterful craftsmanship. Our raclette guarantees a melt-in-the-mouth feast for the senses, perfect for convivial evenings or special occasions. A real treat for cheese lovers in search of authenticity.

Käserei Liechti Bergkäserei CH-8726 Ricken SG

Type: Semi-hard cheese · Raw material: thermized, silage-free cow’s milk · Shape: round or square · Weight: 6-7 kg
Rind: reddish to brown rind · Pitting: occasional small holes · Flavour: mild, spicy, full of character
Maturity: > 3 months · Shelf life: 60 days · Use: Fondue, raclette, cheese platter, dessert
Labeling: CH 3386

Fettgehalt: vollfett, min. 45% F.i.T.
Festigkeit, wff: halbhart, 57-63 %

100g enthalten:

  • Brennwert: 1734 kJ (418 kcal)
  • Fett: 29 g
  • gesättigte Fettsäuren: 20.5 g
  • Kohlenhydrate: 0.4 g
  • Zucker: 0 g
  • Eiweiss: 27.5 g
  • Salz: 1.8 g