Moser aux Noix

Tree nuts, in search of the best cheese. Only a white mould came into question. Moser’s master cheesemakers looked at the tree nuts. They had grown wild, next to figs, lavender and roses; carefully harvested by hand and dried traditionally. And they tasted tree-nutty. What goes down well with Moser’s cheesemakers goes down well with connoisseurs. So they said yes and married their best white mould cheese from Dotzigen with the best tree delights from Stara Planina to create the new “Moser Bio Premium Aux Noix”.

bonCas AG  3293 Dotzigen

Type: Soft cheese – Raw material: Organic cow’s milk, pasteurised.
Shape: round – Weight: 125 g
Rind: white mould
Punching: occasional broken holes
Taste: mild to slightly aromatic, pleasant mushroom/nut aroma
Ripeness: according to taste – Shelf life: 30 days
Use: fresh or prepared and for aperitifs
Label: CH 5636 / Bio Suisse / Suisse Garantie

Fat content: 70 %
Firmness: 70 %

100g contain:

  • Caloric Value: 1290 kJ (310 kcal)
  • Fat: 26 g
  • Saturated Fatty Acids: 16 g
  • Carbohydrates: <0.5 g
  • Sugar: <0.5 g
  • Proteins: 19 g
  • Salt: 1.5 g