Moser Premium Riesling x Sylvaner

Müller-Thurgau grapes ripen on sunny slopes in Thurgau. Their wine is the perfect choice to preserve and nurture a hand-modelled soft cream cheese in. What emerges is a distinctive delicacy with a delicate hint of nutmeg that ennobles every cheese buffet and enhances every cheese platter. An exquisite piece of nature for all those whose lives are too precious for average cheese.

bonCas AG  3293 Dotzigen

Type: Soft cheese – Raw material: Cow’s milk, pasteurised, white wine.
Shape: round – Weight: 125 g
Rind: mixed
Punching: occasional broken holes
Taste: aromatic-fruity, mild to spicy with wine yeast note
Maturity: according to taste – Shelf life: 30 days
Use: cheese platter, aperitif, with a glass of wine or to enjoy warm
Label: CH 5636 / Suisse Garantie

Fat content: 55 %
Firmness: 71 %

100g contain:

  • Caloric Value: 1330 kJ (320 kcal)
  • Fat: 18 g
  • Saturated Fatty Acids: 17 g
  • Carbohydrates: <0.5 g
  • Sugar: <0.5 g
  • Proteins: 17 g
  • Salt: 1.5 g