Fromagerie des Franches-Montagnes SA

The Fromagerie des Franches-Montagnes SA processes around 4 million kg of milk a year from around 20 producers in Noirmont and the surrounding area, producing two AOPs – Tête de Moine and Gruyère – and four semi-hard cheese specialities: Noirmont, Roc-Montès, Taignon and Franches-Montagnes.
Inaugurated in April 2019, the new cheese dairy on the outskirts of the village of Le Noirmont covers around 1,300 sqm. The building houses a modern production facility for the manufacture of the current six types of cheese. It meets the latest quality and hygiene requirements. The storage capacity of the two cheese cellars is 100 tonnes, and two robots are used for cheese care.
In addition to the modern production facility, the Fromagerie offers interested visitors an insight into the tradition of cheese production. Large shop windows on the production area as well as exciting, interactive games characterise the show dairy inaugurated in 2019. The journey of discovery is rounded off by a cheese tasting session where you can test your senses. In addition to cheese specialities, the sales shop also offers many regional products that can be enjoyed at home or in the cheese dairy’s picnic and play area.

Fromagerie des Franches-Montagnes SA
Rue de l’Avenir 2, 2340 Le Noirmont

Tel. 032 952 19 00