Emscha GmbH

Emscha – Our family business – Our philosophy:
Organic – Regional – Sustainable
Emscha GmbH was founded in 1999 by Heidi and Peter Hofstetter as a family-run farming business. Emscha stands for Entlebuch dairy sheep products. The primary goal was and is to produce 100% pure sheep’s milk products and to secure the existence of family farms with organic dairy sheep farming in the Entlebuch.
Emscha GmbH is run by the Hofstetter farming family and by now the second generation is already involved. This ensures the long-term preservation of values.
Today, Emscha GmbH processes over 320 tonnes of organic sheep’s milk from seven mountain farmers every year. With over 15 different specialities such as yoghurt, curd cheese and various types of cheese, Emscha GmbH offers the widest range of products made from 100% pure organic sheep’s milk.
Respectful treatment of nature and animals is important to us. Nature must be sustainably protected through closed nutrient cycles. That is why we do not use genetically modified products, chemical products or artificial flavourings and colourings. In agriculture, we deliberately use homeopathy instead of antibiotics. Emscha GmbH processes only organic bud sheep’s milk.
Emscha sheep’s milk products are made from fresh organic mountain milk. Great importance is attached to the shortest possible transport routes. For this reason, farmers from the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch are specifically supported and accompanied. The basic fruit ingredients for the fine Emscha yoghurts are all produced in-house. This way we can guarantee the regionality and quality of the products. We source the fruit from the region whenever possible. It goes without saying that we use Swiss sugar.
Emscha sheep’s milk products are produced in the first zero-energy cheese dairy in Switzerland. The heat energy comes from the thermal water collectors on the roof. Additional energy is supplied by a wood-fired furnace using wood from regional forests. Our cheese dairy has been CO2-neutral for over twenty years. The electrical energy is supplied by the photovoltaic system from the roof of the barn and the cheese dairy.

Emscha GmbH
Glaubenbergstrasse 32,  CH-6162 Entlebuch
Phone: +41 (0)41 481 01 01